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I have spent the better part of the afternoon paging through the 1906 Atlas for Carroll County, Iowa. Pictures! Pictures galore! But alas – not many from the families I’m looking for: Buchheit, Beiter, and Hannasch. Still, let’s admire all these sturdy German immigrants who were their friends and neighbors. Here’s dear old J.P. Lasher of Sheridan Township. Was he upset when he saw his picture and realized his eyes were closed? Or did he close them on purpose? And here is the Reverend B.A. Schultz, superimposed on a photo of Sacred Heart Church. Frown lines crease his brow, but the tiniest slip of a smile plays at the corner of his mouth. Ah – and here is the thin, bird-like Verena (Huber) Bowman, with her ill-fitting dress and sad eyes. She had died 26 years earlier, but evidently was still a valued member of society.

I was thrilled and relieved to discover this atlas in the Iowa Digital Library. Thrilled because – hello – it’s awesome. And relieved because earlier I had found the same atlas in and … it sucked. Rather than being scanned, it had been photocopied, and the pictures (while better than nothing) were awful. This is not to knock NewspaperArchive (too much). They’re one of my primary sources for newspaper research, and they do tons of great work. And who knows what the backstory is – whether they even had access to scanned versions. And neither version was well indexed – which is why I had to look at each photo individually. Still, the difference is huge. So thank you Hawkeyes!

The photocopied photo from

The scanned photo from Iowa Digital Library


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